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Cave Hikes


Two of the most popular caves on this trail are called “Vandal Cave” and “Peace Cave.” Vandal Cave is located if you follow the main trail-head East, and you will stumble across it right in front of you. It may look like a giant hole in the ground at first, as this cave had a roof collapse many ages ago. You are able to look directly down into Vandal Cave and see the bottom!

If you walk around the side of Vandal Cave, you’ll find a smaller cave that grants access into the heart of the beast. After a short climb, you get to experience all the natural beauty of Vandal Cave. At this point, you will also notice why it is called “Vandal Cave” with much of the walls covered in graffiti.


Peace Cave is located on a sub-trail connected to Trail 22. It’s a short walk from Vandal Cave, and you can make it there in just minutes. You’ll know you’ve reached the cave when you see a giant tree with a peace sign spray painted at the base of the tree. The opening to this cave is more of a squeeze to reach the inside, but it is still very-doable. You’ll also need a flashlight for this one, as there won’t be any light to guide you in this time, like in Vandal Cave!

After exploring the caves, we walked on the yellow trail for awhile. We were over 2 miles in when we looked at the map and noticed it was a really long trail that seemed to not go anywhere. So we decided to turn around and walk back. There was a beautiful big tree and a lily in the middle of nowhere. It was a nice hike, gave us time to talk and spend quality time together. We ended up walking 5.4 miles on the trails.

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