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Cement Plant

The first unit of this plant was built in 1924. It produced 2,500 barrels of cement per day. After another year another unit was built and production doubled. In 1955 the company announced it’s plan to expand yet again, this time to be able to produce 11,000 barrels per day. During the 1960’s this factory was the largest in the state and employed many of the residents of the surrounding area.

In 1973 the plant’s parent company decided to sell in an effort to get rid of all non-essential businesses. It was all down hill from here. The plant went through a handful of new owners in quick succession. In the 80’s there were strikes, and eventually in 1993 the company declared bankruptcy and closed down. A few years passed and the EPA stepped in to clean up the area. A great majority of the buildings on the property were demolished.

Since then what’s remaining has been left to rot. Most recently the building has been used by local military and police for training purposes. Much of the land around the plant has been declared off-limits by the EPA after large sinkholes began to develop.

This plant has some amazing views of the Savannah skyline and the bridge, especially at sunset. It has since been closed up and locked tight. They had some large boats docked there for repairs and storage. We never had the change to fully explore the buildings and climb all the way to the top.

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