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Bible Camp

I can't find any background on this camp, when it was active or why it closed. There are a couple articles about fires on the property, but not much more information. It seems as though it's a big area for hunters and teens to party.

I've been here several times over the past 5 years, every time it is destroyed a little more. There used to be full housing buildings that were 2 stories, with kitchens that were frozen in time. Unfortunately, people have slowly destroyed all the structures.

There is word about the pastor going insane because he couldn't control the rape and molestation that the male counselors were doing that he killed all the children and counselors and himself, but no one knows. My thought it that the story was made up to make the place more spooky and haunted. In reality, it was probably a recession that ended the camp and it went bankrupt.

I first visited in 2017 to check it out and see if it would be a good place to do photos at.

My first photo shoot there we did a Fallout Housewife type theme.

Models: Jordan & Paisley

Copyright Photos by: Two Crafty Cats Photography


My second photo shoot there was inspired by the TV show Dexter. I love how these photos turned out.

Models: Tyler & Chelsea

Copyright photos by: Two Crafty Cats Photography


In 2021 we did some horror photos at the site.

Models: Serena, Jay, Megan, Alisa

Copyright photos by: Two Crafty Cats Photography

In 2022 we went back for some more horror photos. There were a bunch of hunters that day with their dogs hunting in the area. We stayed near the homes in the open to be on the safe side.

Model: Ysidra

Copyright photos by: Two Crafty Cats Photography

Hopefully it doesn't continue to decline at the rate it has the last few years. If it does, there won't be anything left to photograph. I hope to do more shoots there and maybe some paranormal investigations with a new friend.

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